National Secretary Tour

11 days in the western region

From December the 8th to December 18th

Since he started leading the Cameroon Student Bible Fellowship as the national Secretary, M.Noël NJEYOUdecided to go all over the country for the mission. His last tour was in the western region

(Dschang, Bamenda, Bangangté, Bafoussam, Bafang)

The tour aimed at encouraging and upliftlocalities and enlightening people about the CSBF.

Although it was not easy to convince them, by the wisdom God gave him, many people understood the right vision of CSBF and what it’s all about; as the result of this, certain school (technical high school of bangangté and Bafang) authorized the CSBF activities and meetings to be done within their establishment. He went also in some family and he had prayers and comforting time with them!

Some perspectives:

During his tour, he encouraged the different localities to be involved in projects like building schools, helping hospitals… he has also brought up new strategies to assure the advancing of the mission.


He got some challenges from certain unbeliever’s authorities and the famous ministerial note forbidding any religious gathering in schools. As he was continuing his tour to Bafang he had a car accident but our almighty and omnipotent God saved him from injuries!

Word of the NS after this tour

I thank all of you who helped me by prayers and different supports for this second national tour. The success of this tour is for all of us, it’s ours not mine and I give Glory to God for that!

See you on the 13th January for the 3rd national tour in the littoral region/SW



Le Bureau National des Etudiants et les défis de la section universitaire

Du 19 au 22 Décembre 2019 s’est tenue la 5e réunion ordinaire du BNE dans la ville de N’Gaoundéré. Suivi-évaluation du premier trimestre de l’année 2019-2020, STUCO N’Gaoundéré 2020 et Camps et CNE ont été à l’ordre du jour de cette rencontre de travail, couplés à la formation des CEUs des localités du Grand Nord.

Premier trimestre de l’année en cours :

Le bilan semble mitigé pour les leaders de la section universitaire du GBEEC. D’une part quelques projets d’impact ont été bel et bien réalisés comme planifié au rang desquels les Journées d’Excellence Académique d’Ethique et d’Entrepreneuriat organisées par la localité de Dschang. D’autre part, quelques projets tels que le projet hymne de la section u ainsi que l’opérationnalisation de la plateforme de formation en ligne ne sont jusqu’ici pas encore mis sur pied de manière effective.

Le Student Conquest 2020 : un regain d’identité

Redonner au STUCO un caractère autochtone, tel est l’enjeu majeur de cette 20e édition qui se tiendra dans la ville de N’Gaoundéré. Il s’agira de faire participer toutes les localités à ce grand rendez-vous. En d’autres termes, le STUCO sera organisé dans toutes les villes universitaires à des dimensions différentes. A cet effet, trois localités recevront un appui missionnaire. Il s’agira des localités de N’Gaoundéré, Bertoua et Yabassi.

National Student Camp and Council:

The National Student Bureau will end its mandate by next August. The Student Camp will be marked by the election of the new NSB. To this end, the current members are working to train their future Timothies. The Student National Council, which will gather the whole university section, will be a great opportunity for CSBF members to reflect on missionary issues and the future of the university section.

              Laetitia BIYA