NGAOUNDERE 2020: 20th edition of the Student Conquest

Nineteen years after its adoption, the great evangelical strategy of Cameroon Students Bible Fellowship (CSBF), known as Student Conquest (STUCO), will hold in the locality of Ngaoundere. It is generally the occasion for students from different localities to gather in the town hosting the University Games, in order to share their passion for the Great Mission. However, this year, things will turn out differently: the University Students’ National Bureau (USBN) is bringing a little sprucing up in this edition. From now on, a proactive local missionary dynamic is necessary, as one can read in the president’s note Arnaud Tepa to university students:

The National Students’ Bureau wishes to share with you by this information note the singular orientation of the STUCO 2020 which will be for us a means of reviving the indigenous dynamic of the mission, a characteristic of the first hours of STUCO.

The central idea here is the “local” concept. Indeed, the USNB opted for a tentacular organization of the mission. Contrarily to the past editions, evangelism will no more hold only in the locality hosting the games; rather, conquerors will spread over other “small” localities, namely Yabassi and Bertoua, and the rest will remain home.

  • Ngaoundere will receive 80 students from different localities;
  • Yabassi will host students from Buea and Douala, a total of 15 students;
  • Bertoua will receive help from Yaounde and Dschang, 10 students;
  • The remaining conquerors will stay in their own localities.

This new orientation is inspired by the will to increase the impact of CSBF on the mission field, as the latter is widening as days go by. Indeed, new strategies are required to put CSBF members on their mettle, that is, to stimulate them. The USBN wished to go back to basics, taking example on the 1984 Olympic Games in Atlanta, where a great mobilization of Christian students from all over the world could be noticed. It is based on all this that the STUCO 2020 will wear a local and autonomous character: all the university localities will have to organise the event in their own field of action.

Thus, to carry out this new project, various organs have been put in place, in addition to the specifications of the different Executive Committee:

  • The STUCO National Coordination (SNC), appointed by the USNB, and who is to ensure the application of the general guidelines governing STUCO 2020, coordinate STUCO throughout the different localities, produce a daily STUCO pending report, and a general report from STUCO submitted to the USNB;
  • The Local Organizing Committees (LCO), set up by the locality’s EXCO, and whose mission is to carry out a local mission plan (LMP) during university games (objectives, commissions, work methodology, activities to be carried out, provisional budget), coordinate the progress of the STUCO in their locality, and produce a daily STUCO report.